Quality Control

Our goal is zero defects.

Our robotic assembly equipment is designed to detect any defective parts before they’re used in the assembly process. If they don’t measure up, they’re replaced before they ever find their way onto your boards.

For complex finished assemblies, our team of IPC-610 certified inspectors uses state-of-the-art optics and x-ray equipment to conduct rigorous visual inspections. Anything that doesn’t meet your specs is rejected immediately. However, that is a rare occuance, as our manufacturing techniques keep our internal reject rates exceptionally low. 

Helping keep things that way is our total ESD-safe environment, where we treat your parts and assemblies with the utmost care.

Security as tight as your spec.

Everything that belongs to you — whether it’s incoming componentry, materials in process, or finished assemblies — is inventoried onsite under exceptionally high security. Your parts aren’t only shielded from prying eyes and curious hands, they are also isolated from our other customers’ products. Your proprietary technologies stay proprietary.