State of the art production facility:

  • ESD carpeting and floors
  • Secured inventory area
  • ESD workstations

Assembly Equipment:

4 Quad Qsp2 high speed assemblers

  • Dual gantry placement @ 14,000 cph
  • Boards up to 15” X 18”
  • In process QuadAlign touchless centering for 0402 through Qfp208
  • BGA placement
  • Feeder capacity 134 8mm
  • Smart feeder system

Quad 4C prototype assembler

  • Single gantry placement @ 3400 cph
  • Boards up to 18” x 18”
  • In process QuadAlign touchless centering for 0402 through Qfp208

2 Quad ZCR, 1 Quad QCR reflow ovens

  • 8 zone convection
  • Card edge chain for 2 sided processing
  • Computerized profiling

2 SM Tech 100 MV high precision screen printers

  • Semi-automatic solder paste printing
  • Vision alignment


Glenbrook real time x-ray system

  • Real time x-ray inspection of fine pitch and BGA’s
  • Evaluate solder joint integrity
  • Hard copy printouts of x-ray image

Vision Engineering Linx Dynascope

  • 7x to 40x magnification

Vision Engineering Mantis inspection system

Mirtec desktop AOI Machine (MV-3 Series)

  • Ultra high resolution camera
  • 5 camera configuration
  • Quad angle lighting system

Wave Soldering:

Dover Soltec 6622-cc wave soldering machine

  • Automated spray fluxer
  • 3 stage calrod preheating
  • Smartwave solder bath
  • Computer controlled profiling

Electrovert EPK+400 with lead free conversion

  • Automated spray fluxer
  • 3 stage preheating with convection
  • Computer controlled profiling
  • Titanium solder pot for RoHS compliant solder

ACE Production Technologies Kiss 104 Selective wave solder

  • Computer programmed selective flux and solder
  • Changeable solder pot for RoHS and leaded solder


Aqueous Technologies AQ-400 Aqueous cleaning system

Aqueous Technologies Trident cleaning system

H2O Solutions DI water system

Wire prepping:

Eubanks 2600 automatic wire stripper and cutter


Despatch bake and cure oven

SES environmental chamber

Board separation:

Cab Maestro 2 V-score separator

Fancort NTP-1 Hook de-paneler

Hot bar:

Microjoin 4200


Hepco XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) tester for RoHS compliance